A dramaturg from the United States, I have long had my star hitched to things new play related. In 2010, I moved from Florida to Sydney with two suitcases and a charming fiancé. The Australian Theatre Writers Project is part of my quest to learn as much as I can about the people who are writing and devising new works across the continent by doing what a dramaturg does naturally – asking questions.

More about me here.  Or, follow me on Twitter: @TurgOnTheBeach.

Comments and lively discussion are most welcome; however, I have a Lovely People Only policy, which means that I reserve the right to remove any comments I find to be rude, abusive, spammy, or just plain tacky.

Is there anyone you’d like me to talk to next? Leave me a comment, and I’ll see what I can do.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. […] Last month I did an interview with American dramaturg Cristin Kelly. She’s set up a website called  The Australian Theatre Writers Project. […]

  2. Hi Cristin

    Really enjoying these interviews.

    Could you post a link to the Fresh Ink site in the Lachlan piece. We are coming up to the call for our new intake for 2012, and for our National Studio so it would be great to get people aware of knowing about more about the program.

    Dan, Fresh Ink Manager

  3. Greg Jones Says:

    Check out the David Stevens interview at http://www.oldmilltheatre.com.au – he’s in WA at the moment, perhaps you could arrange to talk to him?

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